Grumbleweed’s wood shop is a division of Hotchkiss Construction Services, LLC originally formed in 2003.  The Company originally primarily did residential construction and restoration of old homes.  The wood shop at that time focused on making the parts for those projects and a little of what it does currently.  We have gotten out of the construction type work and now only do work in the shop., however, we still make custom parts and cabinets for housing.

I Stuart Hotchkiss, as of this writing, has 42 years’ experience in the shop.  My wife Brenda also brings more talent to the shop and office.  The combined talent and uncompromising commitment to lasting quality delivers an array of beautiful products.  Our products are built to be passed from one generation to the next.  We hope they bring every day joy to you!

Mr & Mrs Stuart and Brenda Hotchkiss